Create more noise..?

You’re not the arrogant sort; and since cunning games of one-upmanship aren’t your style, you think other people have more influence than you. But the truth is that those other folk just create more noise. They make their points known, whether or not anyone is paying attention. And, more often than not, people just pretend to listen because it’s the easiest thing to do. They pay much closer heed to quietly spoken, thoughtful words. You can communicate what you need to share, in your own way.

Chuck it. Throw it.

The time has come. Whatever you’ve been holding on to, it’s time to get rid of it. Chuck it. Throw it. Do whatever you need to do. You’ve been carrying this with you for far too long. It’s been wearing you down, restricting your ambitions and curtailing your dreams. No more! Once the veil’s lifted, a whole new world stretches out ahead of you. Anything and everything is within your reach. Your new perspective will bring a much-needed insight into a long-standing ambition.

Reap rewards for the patience

You’re about to reap rewards for the patience you’ve recently demonstrated. As a sense of ease affects a challenging situation, a satisfying smoothness will give you reason to feel glad of all the efforts you’ve made. You’re entitled to enjoy yourself now. Meanwhile, it’s worth writing an internal memo that will act as a reminder that in the future, even when you feel as if you’re caught in a perpetual process of struggle, there’s always hope on the horizon.

Anybody’s fool

You’ve never been anybody’s fool. Yet, for all that, you suspect that someone’s currently trying to take you for one. They are patronising you and fobbing you off with platitudes, while leaving important issues unresolved. This has to stop. And fast. Fortunately, today brings a promise that soon enough, your voice will be heard. Your confidence and strength are growing exponentially. You’re making the final preparations before being ready to make a stand. Success awaits.

Hard work pays off…

…or so they say. Yet it’s also true, that a small, well-calculated amount of effort can bring very sizeable rewards, whereas a large amount won’t necessarily bring an equivalent increase in benefits. That’s because effort isn’t the only ingredient necessary for success.

Remember this, you can bring intelligence, positivity and your acute sense of judgment to everything you attempt. Reach for your greatest source of inspiration and you’ll be surprised by all you can achieve.