We can only know what we know. We don’t know what we don’t know… do we? The problem is that you sometimes think that you know quite a lot about what you don’t really know much about. Sometimes too, you know something and you’re not sure how you know it. Knowledge is a mysterious entity about which we don’t know very much! Although you’re feeling as if there’s something important happening that you don’t understand, if you take the time to reflect, you know far more than you think.20130908-200836.jpg

Just as bread takes time to prove

Just as bread takes time to prove, and acorns take years to turn into oaks, so we must allow time for matters of the heart to adapt and change. It will take a while for a recent positive development to manifest tangible results. But if you find the confidence to trust in the process, like a baker waiting for bread to rise, or a gardener watering their seedlings, you’ll find that the time spent waiting can be relaxing, even enjoyable. The speed of transformation will increase soon enough.

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Can you change your world?

Can you change your world? Yes! You can! Can you replace worry with positivity? Absolutely! ‘Yes, we can’ is the powerful mantra used in political campaigns as well as by people across the world. It empowers and shows a willingness for change. The worries you’ve been weighed down by have been suffocating your optimism recently. Yet you can find a way to approach this situation with inspiration and hope. Yes you can! Your world is changing – in a positive way.

Happiness and success comes from using all of your potential!

Don’t give yourself a tough time

Being inconsistent doesn’t make people hypocritical or fickle. We need to be able to change our opinions and take events and ideas into consideration. Otherwise we’d be fixed and never move on. Remaining entrenched in a position seems to give some people the right to deliver lectures on unpredictability, but you’re absolutely right to change your mind. You have new priorities which are a reflection of a new reality. Don’t give yourself a tough time and don’t allow anyone else to either.

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A little bit of sane madness

Insanity has been described as the impulse to keep doing the same thing over and over again in the hope of getting a different result. Innovation, in contrast, is applying a minuscule, ingenious twist to the exact same thing in order to achieve a better outcome. Superficially, these two procedures are almost identical! The true definition of creativity is knowing how to inject just the right amount of madness into a process so that you attain your goal.

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Just have faith

We seem to think that categorising people and events makes them easier to deal with. Yet someone you think of as being pessimistic is showing an unusual propensity for hope at the moment, while an optimistic soul is full of doubts and misgivings. It goes to show how misleading our categorisation techniques can be. You encourage other people to strive beyond their fears and towards their dreams. Rather than considering categories today, just have faith in your own abilities.

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