The Rewards of what you’ve sown

Surely the secret to success isn’t elusive. You simply work hard, invest your resources and then enjoy the fruits of your labour. At least that’s the theory. Not all business plans can rely on such a harmonious and holistic approach, though. Many require more than a little luck too. Others need public acknowledgement and awareness in order to be profitable. But without perseverance, even the most advanced plan will fail. Although harvesting might be hard work, you can reap the rewards of what you’ve sown.

young tomato

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Fingers crossed

The nature of decisions is that we only know if they are good or bad when we look back at them. Sometimes we make good ones in calm, wise moments when we have time to gather our thoughts and weigh up our options. At other times we have to react on instinct to the presenting circumstances and forge on with our fingers crossed. Although you don’t have the luxury of time right now, you do have the luxury of great instincts. Follow them and the feeling of being under pressure will dissipate.

…and pretend it’ll go away?

Aches and pains aren’t something we’re used to tolerating. We take ourselves to the doctors or the pharmacy and sort it out. We trawl through website after website, analysing symptoms and possible cures until we’re sure what’s wrong and how to fix it. So why, when we’re in intense emotional pain, do we shrug it off, brush it under the carpet and pretend it’ll go away? We assume that struggling in silence is our only choice. But there’s a second option. Make a decisive change. You’re being offered an opportunity – take it.


You’re a born survivor

It’s easy to underestimate your abilities. You’re stronger than you think and you’re a born survivor. You’re capable of coping with just about anything that life throws at you. Or, for that matter, with the stuff that life throws at the people close to you, and even those who you don’t know. Other people watch with awe and wonder. But those who know you well recognise the tenderness that’s hidden behind the toughness. Remember all your resources now and you can use them to great success.