Is it too late to begin?

If you harbour a secret desire to be a trapeze artist, a channel swimmer, an archaeologist or a classical composer, is it too late to begin? Of course there are some careers that take years of study. Yet, there are many inspirational stories of people who take on new and fascinating studies and pastimes later in their lives. If you can find the motivation, you can do astonishing things now. Just by focusing positively on your dreams, and allowing them the space to exist and grow, your life can begin to change!

What about deadlines?

Deadlines serve a more subtle purpose than just having to get things done. They make us feel as if our lives are purposeful. We create lists of things to do knowing that we can edit the order of importance according to how we feel. Even things that seem imperative can sometimes disappear off the list. Our impulses and instincts can overrule the most carefully made plans. Do you do deadlines?