Just do it!

Dust off your old camera. Sharpen your crayons. Take out your trumpet. Borrow a book. It’s time to dig out a creative idea that you’ve been intending to focus on for ages. At last, it’s time to indulge yourself with some fun. You’re not averse to taking risks so the chance to push the boat out should be one you’re willing to jump on. A little well-directed effort will be well rewarded. Even if it feels as if you’re just playing and wasting precious time, you’re accomplishing more than you think. Just have some fun today! And everyday!


Your best friend

Due to all sorts of different emotions, from fear and stress to ignorance and selfishness, we all sometimes act harshly and unlovingly towards other people. The problem is that these attitudes are contagious and easily spread. Sometimes, our bad deeds even come back to find us, which can make us feel even crosser! No matter how much aggravation someone might give you, your worst enemy is always you. This week, if you want something to improve, start by telling yourself that it can.

What about understanding?

When we’re strongly opposed to someone’s point of view, our position is clear and easy to explain. Challenging communication problems occur when people who agree most of the time come to blows over a particular point. If you concentrate on understanding, and reaching for peace, you’ll find ways to navigate around discord.pexels-photo-210585.jpeg

Is it too late to begin?

If you harbour a secret desire to be a trapeze artist, a channel swimmer, an archaeologist or a classical composer, is it too late to begin? Of course there are some careers that take years of study. Yet, there are many inspirational stories of people who take on new and fascinating studies and pastimes later in their lives. If you can find the motivation, you can do astonishing things now. Just by focusing positively on your dreams, and allowing them the space to exist and grow, your life can begin to change!

What about deadlines?

Deadlines serve a more subtle purpose than just having to get things done. They make us feel as if our lives are purposeful. We create lists of things to do knowing that we can edit the order of importance according to how we feel. Even things that seem imperative can sometimes disappear off the list. Our impulses and instincts can overrule the most carefully made plans. Do you do deadlines?


Sluta vara tyst!

Sluta vara tyst. Säg ifrån när du tycker att du blir illa behandlad. Säg ifrån när du ser andra bli illa behandlade. Ta ingen skit och nöj dig aldrig med att vara ett andrahandsval. Du är värdefull!

Du behöver inte acceptera lama ursäkter eller andras blockeringar. Om du inte är god nog för dem är de heller inte god nog för dig. Var god nog för dig själv!

Inse ditt värde och värdesätt dig själv. Du är alldeles för värdefull för att låta andra dra dig nedåt. Välj hellre de som drar dig uppåt och välj framförallt att göra det själv.

Andras misstag är deras och du behöver inte ta ansvar för dessa. Du tar ansvar för dina egna och det räcker bra med det. Lär av dem och gå vidare stärkt av erfarenheten och lärdomen de ger dig.

Vet av egen erfarenhet att det kan vara svårt ibland. Jag kan erkänna att jag har tagit en del skit i mina dagar, jag har tillåtit andra att behandla mig som skit men idag har jag noll tolerans för det.

Så klart jag blir ledsen om det händer men idag är det inget jag fäster så stor vikt vid som jag gjorde förr när jag kände ett behov av att andra skulle gilla mig med allt vad det innebar.

Idag bryr jag mig mer om att jag gillar mig själv med allt vad det innebär. Det är så mycket roligare och gränsdragningen blir så enklare att dra.

Gör din röst hörd och våga säga både JA och NEJ, till dig själv och till andra!

(En repris från 20/3-16)stop-shield-traffic-sign-road-sign-39080.jpeg

What happens when we believe?

They say if we believe in something, there’s a chance it will come true. So, if you believe in the potential of a miracle there’s a chance that one will happen. And if you believe that nothing is ever going to work out, well… it’s not a happy attitude for a successful balanced life. Our beliefs can have both a positive and a negative effect. As substitutes for understanding they’re unhelpful. When they bring us more faith in ourselves they’re valuable.

No one is infallible

No one is infallible. We all make many mistakes over the course of our lives. It’s part and parcel of learning. People say that it’s insane to repeat the same thing over and over again whilst expecting something different to happen. Yet, persistence is a valuable quality. It leads to breakthroughs in understanding and helps us to improve our methods of completing tasks and and achieving goals. Although you may be feeling as if you’re in a very familiar situation, you’re discovering lots that will increase your skills.


Trust your instincts!

Do you always follow your instincts and do what you think is the right thing? Most of the time! Sometimes, though, we do what we know to be the wrong thing, but we convince ourselves that there’s something right about it! Other times, we choose to do something that other people think is wrong because it feels right to us. Or, we might have done something wrong which paid off, so we’re tempted to do it again. It’s not at all easy to choose the right thing. So trust your instincts!