Every step you take. Every step you make.

Are you a different person today? If you look closely, you’ve got the subtle glow of experience, knowledge and understanding bestowed by yesterday’s lessons. Every day shapes the person we eventually become. Some days we evolve with leaps, strides and summersaults. On other days we inch forward only a little. Every step counts!

vad väntar du på

But, what does come naturally?

They say that if something doesn’t come naturally, don’t do it. But, what does come naturally? Whether it’s putting food into your fridge, emails on to your computer, or fuel into your car, lots of people, in different places, have worked to make it possible. Without effort, nothing happens. The development you’d like to take place stands a good chance of happening. But only if you make an effort. Take advantage of a chance to communicate with someone who can help you today.


Can’t wait turning 50. Love my age!

A side-effect of growing wiser – which you undoubtedly are, is that you grow older! It’s just one of those things that we all have to accept. Except, hang on! With all the creams, treatments, psychological approaches and health regimes, these days you can keep age at bay. Getting wiser, on the other hand, is not reversible. When you’ve leant something precious it’s impossible to forget it. The real importance of a discovery you’ve made recently is about to be revealed. Can’t wait turning 50. Love my age! Love my wisdom!



We don’t want too much to change too fast

Change is challenging. We want it, but we want the kind that we feel we can control. We certainly don’t want too much to change too fast. If it happens when we’re not looking (as if often does), or in a way that we hadn’t imagined (which it always does) we feel overwhelmed. We want just the right amount of it in our lives, not too much and not too little. There’s somewhere in your life where you’re applying psychological brakes. If you ease them off, the transformation will be just what you can cope with.

The story of your life

We talk about the chapters of our lives, when really we should be talking about books. Every milestone reached, each mountain climbed represents an entire novel. When we finish something, there’s often a blissful time when we’re able to bask in the glory of our achievement – like an epilogue. We think it would be wonderful to have more time to languish in such moments. But wouldn’t that soon bore you? No matter how comfortable you are, don’t struggle against growth. Your sequel, the next big adventure, awaits.


Dagens tanke!

Konflikter handlar om prestationer och olika förväntningar på resultat, det handlar inte om personer.

Personligen anser jag också att konflikter ska lösas istället för att hanteras.

Löser vi konflikter stärker vi relationen.

Hanterar vi konflikten finns risk att den ”sopas” under mattan och ligger kvar och gnager hos någon av parterna.

Vad anser du?

Är du en konfliktlösare?

Eller är du kanske rent av konflikträdd?


You can change an attitude

Some things are out of our control. We can’t, for example, just say abracadabra and find ourselves somewhere different, with our problems resolved. Even now, as we start a new year and so much seems possible, neither you nor I have unlimited power to wield. You can exercise power over your mind and thoughts, though. You can change an attitude, shift a mood and reset an expectation. You have the ability now to turn something that has felt wrong into something that feels right.


You have the answers you need

It seems that the world is full of experts; people who know more than you. They’ve got more experience, more education, more power-clothes in their wardrobes, and more cash in the bank. If you’d only paid more attention, you’d be perfect like they are. You’d also be prone to self-righteousness and insufferableness. So whose advice should you really be taking this week? Who do you need to search out? Don’t underestimate your own knowledge and intuition. You have the answers you need.


We need changes in our hearts…

It’s hard, if not impossible to imagine what life was like before the World Wide Web linked all of our lives together. On one level, things have changed almost unimaginably, yet on another the world is still filled with trauma and inequality. It makes you wonder if we’re any closer to ridding the planet of suffering. Technological changes may help us in our daily lives – but we need changes in our hearts if we want to improve other people’s well being. If you’re ready to begin such a process, you can.


Try changing tactics.

We tend to reciprocate like with like. It’s an automatic way of responding to situations we find ourselves in. So when we’re in an argument, we add to the arguing. When we feel criticised, we look for faults in others. We instinctively give back whatever it is that we receive. So can you do anything to change the nature of a tense situation? Try changing tactics. If you take someone by surprise with a generous gesture, you may be surprised by what they offer in return.