Let your mind wander!

Studies have shown that a good memory helps you better navigate the future. And in business, the ability to anticipate and negotiate future demands is an asset.

A proactive brain uses details from past experiences to make analogies with your current surroundings. It then helps you determine where you are and envision future possibilities.

We are all born with proactive brains, but these three things can help improve our brain performance:

  • Give your brain a lot to work with
    Expose your brain to diverse experiences and situations. Create a rich pool of information to draw from.
  • Borrow from others
    Find out so much as you can about others experiences by talking and interacting with people, and reading about their lives.
  • Let your brain wander
    Undisturbed time gives your brain the space it needs to recall and recombine past experiences in ways that help you to anticipate the future.

Cultivate your proactive brain!


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