Give your employees what THEY need!

It’s 2015 and still leaders, I will name them traditional leaders, just see the relationship between  employee and leader as a transaction – just money in exchange for work.

To succeed in the future, I believe, you need to give your employees what they need and want much more than just money. I will give you four things to consider and I welcome you to bring more to the success list:

  • Love:
    This may sound crazy but love in this perspective simply means concern that is focused exclusively for that person’s good. Show your employees that you care about them and their future.
  • Growth:
    Create a culture that allows your people to grow and expand. Remember that no one wants to stay where they are forever.
  • Contribution:
    To feel fulfilled, employees must know that they are contributing to the whole. Emphasize the ways their work matters to the organization. Don’t be afraid to give praise.
  • Meaning:
    People seek meaning in their work. Share a vision that demostrates how all of your employees are engaged in a larger purpose.


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